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Jiashan Wang’s Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. The company is located in the economic development zone of Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, the core area of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle. The factory covers an area of 50 acres and has a standard factory area of over 15,000 square meters. The group's business covers machinery, real estate, property management, import and export trade.

Wang’s Machinery provides a complete set of automated wood-based panel production line solutions for enterprises. The main products cover automatic multi-layer (30-layer and above) hot press, floor production line, cold press, coating machine, sanding machine, etc. Woodworking machinery. The company's aim is to create "easy to use" woodworking machinery. For 25 years, the company's products have been improving in the direction of "smarter, more human". At present, the company's products are at the leading level in the domestic industry, and have been recognized by many domestic customers of flooring and wooden door leading enterprises. The equipment is exported to Russia, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Congo and other regions.

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Successful cases

Successful cases


Address: No. 31, Lane 9, Taishan Road, Huimin Street, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province

Tel: 0573-84615806

Contact person: Manager Zhang 15921811816

                           General Wang 13806713135

E-mail: 1592 1811816@163.com

Website Http: www.wmffw.com

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